There are several alternatives for childrens parties

Pottery painting             

MOSAIC PARTIES                                   Silk painting parties

Fun with clay parties see below              Throw a pot parties

                                                                   Toddleparties - pre school clay fun

 jewellery making parties


Celebrate your child's birthday with a 'make with clay' pottery party.

From the simple to the exotic, children from the age of 5 can experience the fun of clay by having a   'fun with clay' pottery party. You can even bring your own food.

Children experience the use of clay and
Once the pieces have been created the children add coloured decoration to their work. It is then left at the studio for firing and glazing and is ready approx 2 weeks later.

The birthday person makes the choice in advance of the party.

For younger children there is a selection of simple ideas using cutters, printing shapes and rolling pins. 

For children over the age of 6 we build on those simple ideas, allowing the children the freedom to express themselves whilst guiding them on the techniques.

For older children (and adults) there is the opportunity to try out something a little more sophisticated.

Whatever the age and ability everyone produces a masterpiece to be proud of.
Parties can be arranged for Saturdays, after school and school holidays

1.5 hrs making  and painting 15 per child.Min charge 150 Additional 30 mins available free of charge to eat food, if required. A Hand made ceramic party gift is available for each guest to take home at a cost of 2.50 presented in an organza bag.

Longer parties are available on request for sophisticated pieces,

at additional cost.

Max number in studio 16. We can do out of studio parties for larger numbers.(Min charge)


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