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      Mosaicing is an ancient art dating back to Greek and Roman times.It consists of small pieces of coloured components stuck to a predrawn board to produce a design. Once the glue is dry the gaps between the pieces are grouted to produce a final piece of work.

At A Touch of Clay you can try your hand at making your own mosaic at one of our workshops

Mosaicing is very easy and there are pre drawn boards at the studio for you to work from or you can bring your own design to transfer onto a blank board.

Workshops are run periodically at the studio. Alternatively you can drop in and have a go at a convenient time. You could also have a mum's night or child's mosaic birthday party.




Childrens Mosaic parties - From age 9

Birthday person chooses a theme in advance and a board is then designed by the children  and adjusted where necessary by Jackie before the children add the mosaics. The mosaics are square but occasionally pieces may need to be cut into other shapes which is done by adults at the studio. Dads can also join in by cutting pieces.

The mosaics are left at the studio for grouting and can be collected 3 days later.

A party will require approx 2 hours and the cost is £165 for up to 10  per persons which includes all materials, use of studio, instruction, grouting and finishing off.



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